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 We Create Music Videos That Get Attention

Our team has worked together for years on thousands of projects, and as a result, every client receives a consistent quality video.When you hire Triple G production you hire the team, not freelancers. Triple G Production is dedicated to bringing you a team that is focused and ready to create your story.

With the Triple G Production team comes the gear, and we only own the highest quality equipment available. Red Epic, and cinema lenses are just a few of the toys that we bring along on almost every shoot.

What We Do

Triple G production offers premiere talent across every aspect of Video production. Our team can meet any need, and brings years of specialized production experience to every project. 


Planning the story: This is the first phase of the production cycle where planning for different aspects of production takes place. A lot of different people are involved. Some of the services we provide in this step is consulting, scheduling, location scouting  & casting.


Music video Production is not a one man job and requires individuals with different skills to come together and work towards a common goal. Now that you have already completed the most challenging of the video production stages, it’s time to get into the actual shoot. This process can involve specialized filming, grip & lighting, props, and planning the set.


This is the last of the three stages of video production and this is where all the footage that you have captured so far is brought together and edited to turn it into the final piece of video that you were aiming for from the start. Some of our services include video editing, sound design, compositing and motions graphics.

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Testimonies/ Reviews

Have we done great work for you? We would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment/ review below. We would really appreciate it! Thanks from the Triple G Production team.

We Are on the Grind

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